Terminology on Psychological Working Environment

Working environmentIn the ongoing endeavor of documenting the language, Oqaasileriffik – Greenland Language Secretariat, together with the Greenlandic Working Environment Service and the Working Environment Committee, as well as users in this field, publishes a standardized terminology list on working environment concepts.

The terminology list comprise of 500 terms and definitions in 41 pages. The list is in Greenlandic and Danish and vice versa. Older and new terms, which have been prepared by users and specialists in unison, is also to be found in the list.

The terminology list will assist in creating standardized terminology in Greenlandic in areas of working environment and can be used by psychologists, safety stewards, fire fighters, instructors in safety courses, teachers at trade schools, and anyone having a relation to psychological working environment.

© Oqaasileriffik 2006
Editors: Bolatta Vahl & Lisathe Møller Kruse
Lay-out: Tegnestuen Tita
Printing: Athene Grafisk
ISBN: 87-990324-1-4