Greenlandic English Dictionary

the Greenland Language Secretariat in collaboration with Inerisaavik – Centre for Pedagogical and Materials Development and In Service Training of Teachers is preparing a Greenlandic-English Dictionary for graduating classes in the Public School.

During this process, Schultz Lorentzen’s ‘Dictionary of the West Greenland Eskimo Language’ - which was printed in 1927 as an English translation of his ‘Den grønlandske ordbog – grønlandsk dansk’ (The Greenlandic Dictionary – Greenlandic Danish) from 1926 - has been transcribed into the new and old Greenlandic orthography using Microsoft Excel.

The dictionary work is still at the editing phaze, new entries will be added, and old entries will be revised.

Given the scarcity of dictionary material from Greenlandic into English, Oqaasileriffik’s management have found it important that this transcription be available to all.

Please note that the transcription is yet to be edited.

Download here (Excel)