Dictionaries in an app

Dictionary app

Oqaasileriffik in collaboration with Ilinniusiorfik (then the Educational Agency, now the Education Board) and the University of Chicago has published an app with several dictionaries in.

Different dictionaries in one app

Different dictionaries are published in one app, where the new is Oqaasersiorfik, published in book form in 2008.

The app contains:
  • Greenlandic-Danish dictionary, published in collaboration with Ilinniusiorfik / Educational resource publisher.
  • Greenlandic-English dictionary, published in collaboration with the University of Chicago.
  • Oqaasersiorfik, a Greenlandic synonym dictionary, containing 17,361 words and will be further developed. It has been prepared in collaboration between Oqaasileriffik and Ilinniusiorfik.

We are currently preparing Danish-Greenlandic dictionary for publishing in the same app.

The different dictionaries in one app can be downloaded at:

User manual and involvement of users

  • You can put words in the dictionary and see how the word is translated and what the word means.
  • By tapping the star you can collect your favorite words and you can always open your favorite words.
  • You can also share the words using links, such as on Facebook or via mail to your friends.
  • And if you find a word with errors, you can send a correction proposal by pressing a button.