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Articles about Greenlandic

Articles about Greenlandic and other Inuit languages:

Oqaasileriffik (Working Group on Language Policy Statement)… but the word
Recommendations from the Working Group for Language Policy Statement 2001
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Oqaasileriffik (Per Langgård) Saperasi isumaqaleritsi – Greenlandic domain acquisition.
Report to the Language Policy Reference Group presented in November 2001
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Oqaasileriffik (Per Langgård) Greenland and language technology
Report to NorFa presented in June 2002
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Our language – our culture: Carl Christian Olsen
West Eskimo and Greenlandic – Similarities and inequalities in syntax and retail problems
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Vort sprog – vor kultur: Inge Kleivan
The testimony of the Greenlandic place names about migrations and various activities
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Our language – our culture: Robert Petersen
Distribution of the Greenlandic dialects
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Our language – our culture: Jørgen Rischel
Geographical dialect distribution and sound change in Greenlandic
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Pronunciation guide for the Greenlandic telephone speaker
Oqaasileriffik and KIIIP
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Oqaasileriffik (Bolatta, Vahl, Lisathe Møller and Carl Chr. Olsen)
City and village name with Danish definitions
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Glossary for dental care
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