Printed publications

In the process of the ongoing documentation and stabilisation of the Greenlandic language, Oqaasileriffik publishes terminology lists approved by the Language Council, as well as other publications with relation to the Greenlandic language.

You can order Oqaasileriffik’s printed materials through this page.

Kalaallit aqqi
Greenlandic personal names (280 kr)

– their meaning and origin

Terminologi - i dansk og grønlandsk undervisning
Taaguusersuutit (free)

– Terminology – in Danish and Greenlandic teaching. In Greenlandic and Danish only. It can be ordered by contacting Ilinniusiorfik

Nalunaarut ukiumoortoq
Nalunaarut ukiumoortoq (free)

– Annual report for 2007 and 2008 In Greenlandic only

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– ‘Guide to Punctuation’ – rules & explanations and a host of examples. In Greenlandic only


Oqaasileriffik (free)

– facts about Oqaasileriffik in Greenlandic and Danish.
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Taaguusersuutit (25 kr)

– Terminology List on Criminal Code, the Administration of Justice Act, Financial Institutions and Anatomy

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Fortegnelse over godkendte grønlandske navne
Kalaallit aqqisa akuerisat nalunaarsorneqarnerat (free)

– List of approved Greenlandic names (1999 version)

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… oqaaserli (free)

– Recommendations from the Working Group on Language Policy (in Greenlandic)

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Fortegnelse over grønlandske navne
Kalaallit aqqisa nalunaarsorsimaffiat (free)

– List of Greenlandic names and Greenlandized European names (2007 version)

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Peqqinnissaqarfinni taaguusersuutit – Sundhedsvæsensterminologi (50 kr)

– Terminology for the Health ServicesGreenlandic – Danish – LatinDanish – Greenlandic – Latin

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Telefonparlør på grønlandsk
Telephone Phrase Book

– for non-Greenlandic speakers (free)

download pronounciation guide (in Danish only)

… men ordet (free)

– Recommendations from the Working Group on Language Policy (in Danish)

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Miljøteknisk terminologi
Avatangiisilerinermi taaguusersuutit – Miljøteknisk terminologi (25 kr)

– Environmental Technology TerminologyGreenlandic – Danish / Danish – Greenlandic

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Sulinermi atukkanut taaguutit (25 kr)

– Terminology on Phsycological Working EnvironmentGreenlandic – Danish / Danish – Greenlandic

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