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Formular for contacting Oqaasileriffik staff

Oqaasileriffik – Greenland Language Secretariat response team If you are in doubt, or have questions regarding the Greenlandic language, you can write to our response team. You can ask about:
  • what a word means
  • what a Greenlandic name means
  • which expression/term is correct
  • the origins of a word
  • how a word is pronouned
  • how to understand a sentence
You can also
  • supply us with a suggestion to a new Greenlandic word/term
  • inform us about a Greenlandic place name
  • request to have a Greenlandic name registered or approved
We receive many questions during the year. It may take some time before you receive an answer to your question. Anyone can receive answers, and it is free. Write to