The Language Secretariat of Greenland

Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day , 21th February 2014

Oqaasileriffik will mark the International Mother Language Day on Friday 21th February 2014.

It has become a tradition that Oqaasileriffik mark the International Mother Language Day , on 21th February . The celebration will this year take place in Ilimmarfik from 19.00 – 21.15 .

UNESCO theme for this year is announced to be:   ‘Local languages ​​and Science ‘

During the evening you will hear different languages, including Indonesian , Faroese, Belgian , Chinese , etc. and various Greenlandic dialects. This will include poetry readings, display of East Greenland show, throat singing, etc. People will also get a taste of the future Greenlandic Speech Synthesis.

Nuup Bussii will run free from Qinngorput / Suloraq 18.30 , where it will run through the city at Katuaq 18.45 and thus to Ilimmarfik . The bus will drive back when the event ends 21.15.

Today’s event is organized by Oqaasileriffik, and both Nuna Foundation and Nuup Bussii has sponsored the event.

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