The Language Secretariat of Greenland


The purpose of the Oqaasiliortut – The Greenland Language Council is to collect, register and approve new Greenlandic words, forms and phrases – abbreviations included.

Furthermore, the Council has the task of giving guidance to the authorities and the public in questions related to the Greenlandic language.

The Council is further to cooperate with institutions which publishes lists on, or gives recommendations of Greenlandic names.

Furthermore, the Council has the follwowings tasks, cf. the Self Rule Government Law:

Furthermore, the Greenland Cabinet can establish sub-committiies to solve special tasks. The Council has the obligation to report about their work to the Greenland Cabinet every year. The members of the Language Council are appointed by the Cabinet for a four year term.

There are five members of Oqaasiliortut – the Greenland Language Council: