that the Greenlandic male name Qunaaq means handsome, good-looking or attractive, and that the Eastern Greenlandic girls’ name, Qunerseeq, which is derived from the same stem, means the beautiful one.

Quneqitooq, which means the very sweet or beautiful one, was a name to a woman originally from Uummannaq, but living north of Upernavik in the 1880s.

Other names derived from the same stem are: Qunerna (a Western Greenlandic boys and girls name), Quniganna or Qunigana (a Western Greenlandic girls name) and Quneq (a Southern Greenlandic girls name).

The word quniitsoq which has the opposite meaning the ugly/untidy one or fat one is to be found in the Greenlandic language, hence the Eastern Greenlandic girls and boys name Quninngi, the not so beautiful one.