Download Spellchecker

Kukkuniiaat version 3


Kukkuniiaat in the Office Store for Microsoft Office Word for Windows, Mac, iPad and Online:


Kukkuniiaat can be installed via Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

– Please note that although Office Store says Word 2016+ for Windows, not all versions of 2016 will work – it depends on where you got your 2016 from. Word 356 is best:



If you can’t find Kukkuniiaat in the Office Store or are in a domain where your administrator has to approve and roll out add-ins to employees, then you need to use these links:

– Manifest: mso.xml

– Domain deployment:manage-deployment-of-add-ins

– Sideloading: test-debug-office-add-ins#sideload-an-office-add-in-for-testing



To Microsoft Office on Windows (Notice that hyphenator must be downloaded separately!):


To LibreOffice or OpenOffice on Windows or Mac:


  • Ensure you have latest version of Java
  • Download the Spellchecker
  • From LibreOffice’s Tools → Extension Manager → Add and find the .oxt you downloaded.


Read about Kukkuniiaat: