The Language Secretariat of Greenland



Formular for contacting Oqaasileriffik staff

If you are in doubt, or have questions regarding the Greenlandic language, you can write to our response team.

Telephone communications

  • Telephone: (+299) 36 23 20

In written questions

You can ask about:

  • What a word means
  • what a Greenlandic name means
  • which expression/term is correct
  • the origins of a word
  • how a word is pronouned
  • how to understand a sentence

You can also

  • supply us with a suggestion to a new Greenlandic word/term
  • inform us about a Greenlandic place name
  • suggest new Greenlandic words or inform us of a rare/esoteric word
  • request to have a Greenlandic name registered or approved

Annual report for 2014 (grl.)

Annual report for 2013

Annual report for 2013 (as pdf-file) (only greenlandic)

Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day , 21th February 2014

Oqaasileriffik will mark the International Mother Language Day on Friday 21th February 2014.

It has become a tradition that Oqaasileriffik mark the International Mother Language Day , on 21th February . The celebration will this year take place in Ilimmarfik from 19.00 – 21.15 .

UNESCO theme for this year is announced to be:   ‘Local languages ​​and Science ‘

During the evening you will hear different languages, including Indonesian , Faroese, Belgian , Chinese , etc. and various Greenlandic dialects. This will include poetry readings, display of East Greenland show, throat singing, etc. People will also get a taste of the future Greenlandic Speech Synthesis.

Nuup Bussii will run free from Qinngorput / Suloraq 18.30 , where it will run through the city at Katuaq 18.45 and thus to Ilimmarfik . The bus will drive back when the event ends 21.15.

Today’s event is organized by Oqaasileriffik, and both Nuna Foundation and Nuup Bussii has sponsored the event.

For more information, please contact :
Oqaasileriffik , tel 36 23 20 , email :
Also find information on this link:

Kukkuniiaat 3

Download site for Kukkuniiaat version 3

Now you can download the installation package to Kukkuniiat/Spell checker version 3 for MS Windows XP, Windows 7 and MacIndesign. Notice that the spell checker is still only beta version, therefore, the punctuation and word suggestions are not optimal yet. We suggest that you come back later and download the newer version when it comes.

If you want to download the Kukkuniiaat version 3 then click here.

Further info about Kukkuniiaat here

Installation instruction will be added to homepage when the beta-phase is over.

Annual report for 2009

Oqaasileriffik has released an annual report for 2009.

Annual report 2010

Annual report for 2010 (as pdf-file) (only greenlandic)

Annual report for 2010 (as doc-file) (only greenlandic)