Language Secretariat

Organizational placement

Oqaasileriffik is an independent Greenlandic institution under the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Church.

Oqaasileriffik has the task of working within the framework of the existing laws on the Greenlandic language.


Oqaasileriffik is the secretariat for Parliament committees for language questions, as pt. is:

The tasks in the field of personal names are from 2014 located in Oqaasiliortut, which was previously carried out by Inuit Aqqinik Akuersisartut / The Committee for Personal Names.

In addition to the secretarial functions of the councils and committees instituted by Inatsisartut and Naalakkersuisut, Oqaasileriffik develops Greenlandic language technology tools.

You can read about Greenlandic personal names and Oqaaserpassualeriffik – the division of Language Technology here:

Main objectives

Oqaasileriffik’s main objectives include:

  • to collect and maintain information on Greenlandic language and language usage
  • to stay updated on changes in the spoken Greenlandic language
  • to carry out research on Greenlandic as a second language
  • guidance on the use of Greenlandic and other Inuit language

We would like to point out that Oqaasileriffik is not a translation agency.