The Language Secretariat of Greenland

About words with the stem qimup-

All draft animals, such as donkeys and reindeer, are called qimuttoq in Greenlandic.

When Samuel Kleinschmidt had to find a Greenlandic word for horse in the 19th century, he used the stem: qimup– (pull), where the horse became qimuttuarsuk. The seahorse became qimuttuarsuusannguaq (one reminiscent of a horse) in Greenlandic, where he built on the word he invented for the horse (qimuttuarsuk) in Greenlandic.

The word train in English was also given a Greenlandic name using the stem qimup– (pull), where train became qimuttuitsut (those who do not have draft animals) in Greenlandic.

Other words with the stem qimup– can be seen in the picture.