that ‘immuit panertut’ is a direct translation (calque) from the Danish ‘tørmælk’ (powdered milk). 

Direct translations or loan translations are one of the results of the contact between two or more languages in a community, other results are loanwords and neologisms (new words, terms or phrases).

Translation of phrases which differ in meaning than the words used, can easily be misunderstood when it emerges in a language, but become a part of a language over the years.

Some direct translations into Greenlandic, which were misunderstood in the beginning are: bussit tiguakka – I take the bus, suut tamarmik nipilersoqataapput – everything plays a part, inuuneq qernertuinnaananilu qaqortuinnaanngilaq – life is neither black or white etc.

Newer Greenlandic calques are: skuui atornikuuakka – I have been in his shoes etc.

Several studies show that Greenlanders are generally dissatisfied when calques in Greenalndic appear, but that they are increasingly accepted and thus more common as years go by, studies also show that the younger Greenlandic generation find it easier to accept calques.