Place Names Committee


The Greenland Place Names Committee’s objectives are to collect, register and authorize place names in Greenland, excluding local road and place names. Furthermore, the Committee is entitled to give guidance to Greenlandic authorities and the public in questions related to place names in Greenland. The Committee shall work together with institutions and persons who publish authorized lists over, or with those who gives recommendations about Greenlandic place names.

Criteria for authorization of place names
  • Originally Greenlandic place names must be authorized
  • If a place name has come into use instead of a formerly used name and the new name is commonly used by the new generation, it will be authorized
  • Place names can be named after living people only in extraordinary cases
  • Place names commonly used inside the municipal borders can be authorized
  • Place names in any Greenlandic dialect can be authorized, following the spelling principles set by the language council

Proposals of place names cannot be authorized for the following reasons
  • If the accurate position has not been specified
  • If it has no relevance for Greenland
  • If the name is not Greenlandic
  • Institutions cannot be authorized as place names
By naming in regards to dialectal variations, the principles laid down by the Language Committee should be followed. The Municipal Authorites have jurisdiction over naming technical installations within city limits.


  • Aviaaja Rosing Jakobsen (chairman)
  • Niels Lorentzen (vicechairman) Rosing
  • Johannes Rosing
  • Eva Mätzler
  • Ono Fleischer
The Committee has five members, appointed for a four year term.