Pia Rolsted Andersen

From: Denmark Age: 62 years old The year you arrived to Greenland: 1979 You first thoughts about Kalaallisut language: I don’t remember what my first thoughts were the first time I listened to spoken Greenlandic, it has been forty years! ;) but as I had fallen in love with Greenland and a (greenlandic) man (my […]

Stefan Hrafn Magnússon

I was born in Iceland (West Iceland) in 1956. I was for the first time in Greenland in 1973, and to live in 1989. What was your first thought hearing Kalaallisut? Exotic, but challenging. What was your motivation to learn Kalaallisut? To participate in life with Greenlandic people since I was to live here. What […]

Sarah Elizabeth Woodall

I was born in Paraguay and raised in USA. I am 32 years old. I arrived to Nuuk nearly 7 years ago, in spring 2012. Your first thoughts/impression about Kalaallisut language It is amazing. In the start, of course I could not understand the words, but it was nice, like a song. Actually, that’s exactly […]