The Language Secretariat of Greenland

Why is Oqaaserpassualeriffik necessary?

Language technology is a part of our lives already, e.g. in phones, on the internet, in news, in dictionaries, etc.

But note that these resources are often in languages other than Greenlandic!

Every year many languages go extinct. There are about 7000 languages spoken in the world today. Linguists estimate that half of the Earth’s languages will be extinct by the year 2100.

Languages compete with each other! Linguists generally agree that the most effective safeguard against early language death is advanced language technology.

Languages must be used in all respects to become stronger and to develop. Language users with opportunities for robust and advanced linguistic tools and resources will always develop the language due to opportunities to use the language in all situations.

Let us together give the Greenlandic language a future by using the language in all respects – also in the computer! The Greenlandic language will be able to compete with the other languages – even the major languages – if we together safeguard and develop our language.

If the Greenlandic language is to be used in the various user-interfaces in the computer, we must also make an effort to develop the Greenlandic language technology resources and focus more in the Greelandic language technology area.

Use your Greenlandic language daily - also in these contexts!